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31 March 2014

Collab4Safety - SPI supports the organization of a global food safety event in Moscow, Russia
The 2nd Collab4Safety (C4S) Regional event was held on 18 March 2014 in Russia, with hands-on support from SPI. C4S is an initiative funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (

19 March 2014

SPI co-organized a MASCOT project high-level conference and participated in the final project meeting in Santiago, Chile
SPI had the pleasure to co-organize the last 6th March a high level dissemination event for the MASCOT - project in Santiago, Chile.

18 March 2014

SPI participates in the "Human Smart Cities: The Future of Cities Today" Lisbon Conference
SPI participated in the "Human Smart Cities: The Future of Cities Today" Conference, held at the Urban Information Center in Lisbon on 13th March 2014.

SPI was founded in Porto in 1997 and since then has undergone steady growth, with the creation of various new companies and representative offices, not only in Portugal, but also abroad. Now, SPI consists of SPI Portugal, SPI USA, SPI Espanha, SPI China and SPI  Ventures. There is also currently activity in Brazil and SPI is expanding its international presence in increasingly diverse locations.

SPI’s dynamic perspective allows it to intervene at a global level and continually increase its network of contacts, allowing it to provide new opportunities to its clients and partners. SPI has a team of more than 60 consultants of 10 different nationalities with a variety of backgrounds that allow it to respond effectively in different sectors of activity.



SPI is a knowledge-management consultancy which is a reference in the Innovation and Science and Technology sectors.     

Both nationally and internationally, SPI provides a dynamic range of innovative activities, promoting creativity and development.

SPI provides solutions to a diverse range of requests, seeing each client as a partner setting new challenges. SPI strives for a diverse and open culture, valuing different experiences, perspectives and contributions.

SPI acts throughout the world, with a series of offices and consultants in four continents, creating organizational value for our clients.

We are committed to being your partner for innovation!   

Augusto Medina
President of the Board
Vision, Mission and Values

To position SPI as a reference organization -both nationally and internationally - providing knowledge-management services that develop new and innovative opportunities.

The management of projects, which foster innovation and promote international opportunities; when appropriate, this mission will be accomplished through the creation of strategic partnerships.

SPI's success is based on the uninhibited creation of ideas, flexibility, teamwork, search for excellence, identification and implementation of new business opportunities, international outlook and capacity to work in partnerships.



General Assembly


Armando Pinho
Augusto Guimarães de Medina
Jorge Leite de Pinho
Luís Mira Amaral
Sara Medina
Deloitte & Associados, S.R.O.C.

SPI’s shareholders include leading companies from various sectors: Arsopi - Indústrias Metalúrgicas Arlindo S. Pinho, S.A.; Banco Português de Investimento, S.A.; Sogrape Investimentos SGPS, S.A. and the Violas SGPS.