SPI European Project Highlights

17 January 2011

Currently SPI is participating in various European projects. Recent highlights include its participation in the second transnational meeting of the project STITCH in January and the conclusion of the project TFG at the end of 2010.

The second transnational meeting of the STITCH project (Sustainable Tourism Digital Course and Manual) took place at the Academy for Economic Studies of Bucharest (Romania). All the project partners were present and the main goal of the meeting was to discuss and approve the European curriculum for the e-learning training. The curriculum covers the most important concepts regarding sustainable tourism and was developed by the different partners over the last few months.

The next step for the project will be to develop the training contents for the different course modules that will be available at three different levels (professional diploma, Degree and Masters). The training contents will be evaluated using pilot courses that will take place in 7 different countries. The next meeting will take place in March 2011, in Istanbul, Turkey.

As previously mentioned, the second project highlights, TFG Training for Growth (www.trainingforgrowth.info), ended in December. Its objective was to study ways to overcome barriers and obstacles to the participation of SMEs in European training. The project also contributed to the definition of a set of best practices and the identification of methods for improving the training of this group. TFG was funded under the Leonardo da Vinci program of the European Commission.

Further information about these two projects can be found at: www.stitch-project.eu and www.trainingforgrowth.info.