SPI European Project Highlights

10 February 2011

Currently SPI participates in various European projects. For projects in the area of training, the following activities in the month of February can be highlighted: workshops in the context of CESSIT and new contents to be released short in the context of the project Free.

The project CESSIT Principles for Creativity and Entrepreneurship for Trainors in the area of Social Inclusion, aims to promote creative competences and an entrepreneurial spirit among early school leavers.

Creativity is a driver of innovation and a key factor for the development of personal, professional, business and social competencies. Given this, the idea was born to support adult trainers in improving the efficiency and attractiveness of these aspects in their training. CESSIT, the realisation of this aim, is coordinated by SPI, and is supported by the EU through the Grundtvig programme.

Em 2010, two workshops were held in Porto, on the topic of creativity. 31 adult trainers participated. In January workshops on developing an entrepreneurial spirit were promoted.

The project will hold a European seminar in Riga, Latvia, from 14 - 16 Setember 2011, in which the results of the project will be presented and in which the participants will have the opportunity to experience some of the techniques covered by the workshops in the different partner countries.

The 3rd transnational meeting of the FREE Project was also held in December, 2010 in Bilbao, Spain. The project is coordinated by SPI. During the meeting, the training content was discussed and improvements were implemented in order to have the content ready for the tests in March, 2011.

Two simultaneous test sessions (formal test sessions) will be implemented in Spain and Czech Republic in which the participants (counsellors, tutors, trainers and other professionals working with unemployed people willing to create their own jobs) will have the possibility to study and use the training content that will be available from www.spi.pt/free/interactive_tool/. Additionally, participants in the test sessions will also have access to other resources such as motivational/inspirational case studies of unemployed individuals that became successful entrepreneurs.

The learning contents can also be tested (informal) by any professional in any country. If you are interested in participate in the test sessions, please contact the project coordinator (Mette Christensen - mettechristensen@spi.pt).

For further information please consult the project website (www.spi.pt/free) or follow us in facebook (http://www.facebook.com/freeproject)