Achieving greater cooperation and coordination in European Food and Health research: a recent workshop under the project FAHRE

11 March 2011

FAHRE is coordinated by SPI and intends to support research funding and policy developers in food and health achieve increased cooperation and help strengthen the European Research Area (ERA).

During the first year, this project, funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the EC has been mapping food and health research activities at national level. It has also examined this theme from a thematic perspective to identify particular needs regarding improved coordination of activities across Europe. This February, the results of the project were discussed at a workshop in Berlin providing the first steps towards developing proposals for improving coordination. The workshop, which was organized by the projectís German partner, Dialogik included participation from different types of organization from European level organizations to national funding managers or research organizations, from industry to civil society organizations. The workshop will be followed by a process of dialogue and consultation to develop proposals for improved coordination.

We would be happy to hear from those interested in providing feedback on the projectís documents, which are available on the project website at The project manager, Rachel Newton ( can also be contacted for further information.