Kick-off meetings held for 3 new European projects

10 March 2011

At the end of 2010, SPI initiated 3 new European projects, which are supported by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning programme.
• STRESSLESS - Improving Educators' Resilience to Stress (Grundtvig) the kick-off meeting was held 17-18 November, 2010.
• BEST FORM - Boosting Entrepreneurship Tools FOR Migrants (Leonardo da Vinci) the kick-off meeting was held on 14-15 December, 2010.
• Mol@M - Moving at Labour Market (Leonardo da Vinci - DOI) the kick-off meeting was held 20-21 January, 2011.

The main objective is to provide a useful tool for educators to use, when trying to combat the increased pressure that are on educators and the education system today, which will be a practical guide on how to make measures against work-related stress. This guide, which will be validated and tested in several European countries, including Portugal, will facilitate conditions that will help to improve the health and higher satisfacation work, allowing the implementation of strategies to prevent stress in the education sector. This project will be implemented by a consortium that includes 8 organisations and to associated partners, including 9 countries (Portugal, Czech Republic, UK, Greece, Lithuania, Belgium, Holland, Slovenia, and Switzerland), SPI is the coordinator of this project, and will last 2 years (November, 2010 - October, 2012).
To receive more information about the project, please contact the project coordinator: Sara Brandão:

The project aims to enhance cultural and interpersonal skills of business advisers, so they can better advice and guide more effectively immigrant clients. The project also aims to introduce business consulting activities between the services offered by immigrant associations, enabling them to foster entrepreneurship and driving the social economic progress of their own communities. The target group is members of immigrant communities, which already perform consulting various types of business consulting or are interested to begin to do this, as well as business consultants interested in improving their cultural and or interpersonal skills for working with immigrant entrepreneurs. The project is coordinated by SPI and consists of a consortium of 8 organisations in 7 countries (Spain, UK, Italy, Poland, Romania, Portugal and Germany).
To receive more information about the project, please contact the project coordinator André Barbosa:

The project aims to promote the migration of workers across Europe, especially low-skilled workers. Given that professional guidance / career counseling are particularly important for job seekers, who have limited access to other information sources. The project will develop a tool an interactive tool consisting of information regarding the labour market in the EU, so that the professional can use this tool to support their guidance work related to low-skilled workers. The project is coordinated by SPI, and the consortium consists of organisations from (Portugal, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic). To receive more information please consult the website or contact the project coordinators Dora Fazekas and Ana Ribeiro: and