ISCTE Business School: Executive week in China and the USA

09 May 2011

After the success of the first “Executive Week”, which took place in China in 2010 with the support of SPI, the students of the Executive MBA from ISCTE Business School will have the opportunity once again in 2011 to have a glimpse at the Chinese and US business realities, through participation in further event that will take place in these countries.

These Executive Weeks took place simultaneously in the first week of May including Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Wuxi, in China, and São Francisco, in the United States of America (USA).

In these events, the young managers and future Portuguese managers made contact with those responsible for companies in various countries established in these markets, as well as with students on similar courses in other institutions.

Sara Medina, member of the board of SPI, considers that initiatives of this type to be fundamental in motivating young managers and national entrepreneurs, particularly as China and the US are major players in todays world economy and managers should pay attention to what these countries do best. Sara Medina also highlighted the importance of these initiatives as a form of approaching attractive international markets, that in the current economic climate, are increasingly an important solution for combating the difficulties of Portuguese SMEs.