Workshops in China dinamize access for EU researchers

31 October 2011

In the context of the European Commission funded project “ChinaAccess4EU” ( and with a view to dinamizing access and participation of EU researchers in Chinese innovation and research projects, a series of workshops coordinated by SSPI will take place in Chinese cities at the beginning of November.

The workshops will be organized in partnership with universities and innovation centres in China and aim to share sucess stories and good practices of cooperation between Europe and China in scientific and technological research, as well as promote future opportunities for collaboration between researchers in the two regions.

The workshops will take place on the 1st, 3rd and 8th of November 2011, in Beijing, Chengdu and Hangzhou, respectively, and will include the presence of member of the European Commission, the Chinese Government, Chinese universities, companies in the area of innovation (among which SPI), and science and technology centres.

As coordinator of the project “ChinaAccess4EU”, SPI has been involved in the organization of these events, using its strong knowledge of the Chinese market and its links to the country’s business network. Sara Medina, member of the board of SPI, considers that these workshops will offer an excellent opportunity for the identification of partnerships between researchers, and are an important step in the opening of research taking place in China to European researchers.