Workshop on support to cooperation and fostering of innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean region

25 November 2011

SPI was the organization responsible for the organisation of the MEDA workshop, an event held from 24 - 26 October 2011 in Milan, Italy, to strengthen the convergence of innovation policies and practices in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The workshop was held in the context of the EC funded project (Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry) in which SPI is a partner with a german company and which aims to develop international cooperation in innovation policies. The main aim of the event was to promote the discussion and sharing of information, knowledge and tools that stimulate the business environment and entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean basin.

Participants in this workshop included members of ministries, governmental agencies, and business associations from different countries: Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian administered area and Tunisia. The speakers and moderators from the event were from EU member states, having positions of high responsibility in various types of organizations such as the EC, European Investment Bank and the OECD, ministries of Education and Industry, companies in the area of innovation (among which SPI), universities and innovation centres.

Over three days meetings and sessions were held and topics such as innovation policies, regional development, public-private partnerships, technological infrastructures and SME financies were discussed, offering the political decision makers that participated in the event tools and good practices that could be implemented in their countries.

Sara Medina, member of the board of SPI, considers the event to have been an important platform for the Euro-Mediterranean region countries in the area of innovation, particularly in the context of the definition of future strategies for collaboration within the region. She also adds that these initiatives benefit not only the countries of the Southern Mediterranean, but also the EU member states from that region.