SPI participates in debate about cooperation to combate in equalitieis in maternal and infant health in Costa Rica

21 March 2012

From 12-16 March, SPI attended a training workshop for national experts and a project meeting for the partnership of the MASCOT project (FP7 project), in San JosÚ, Costa Rica. SPI is partner in the project, responsible for the dissemination and communication activities, organization of events and support to national experts from Portuguese speaking countries. 

This workshop brought together experts from South Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Europe (Franše, Portugal, the UK and Switzerland), Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique and Tunisia, who were welcomed by the Ministry for Health of Costa Rica, her Excellency Doctor. Daisy Corrales. In interview with SPI, the Minister reiterated her support for the project and emphasized the importance of international collaboration in the health sector. Such collaboration as will take place through the project MASCOT is important for the promotion and exchange of good practice needed for overcoming inequalities in this area. 

The project MASCOT ľ Multilateral Association for Studying Health inequalities and enhancing North-South and South-South Cooperation is an EU funded project under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7). It brings together partners from Africa, Latin America and Europe, to identify and implement strategies for overcoming health inequalities, particularly those affecting children, adolescents and mothers. 

The next workshop and project meeting will take place in South Africa in October 2012. In the coming months the MASCOT project will be represented at events relevant to the area of Health, both in Costa Rica as well as in various other countries. 

For further infomation see the project website: www.mascotfp7.eu.