SPI organises internationalisation missions to Brazil and China

21 June 2012

From 13 – 19th May and 3 – 9th June, SPI organized missions for Campus do Mar to explore international cooperation with Brazil and China. 

Campus do Mar is an academic scientific cooperation network of universities and research institutes from Galicia, Spain and the Northern Region of Portugal focused on Marine sciences. It has been recognised as an international campus of excellence by the Spanish government. Campus do Mar contracted SPI to design and implement its internationalisation strategy. This strategy will foster exchange of human resources between different universities and research institutes. 

In order to implement this strategy, SPI identified four countries for Campus do Mar’s cooperation activities– Brazil, China, Mexico and Chile. Within these countries key institutions focused on Marine sciences were also identified. Currently missions are being organized to explore cooperation with these countries. 

The first mission was to Brazil and took place from 13 – 19th May. Campus do Mar’s CEO, Emílio Fernández, and its Director of International Relations, Alberto Garcés, were accompanied by SPI’s consultants in this visit to Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba. In these cities they met with different universities, research institutes and research funding agencies. 

From 3 – 9th June, Campus do Mar’s representatives were with SPI in China. There they visited academic and governmental institutions in the cities of Beijing, Yantai, Qingdao, Xiamen and Hong Kong. 

The results of both missions were very positive. Memoranda of cooperation were signed between Campus do Mar and various institutions. Furthermore, various academic collaboration agreements were also drawn up. 

 The next mission will be to Mexico and take place from 17 – 23 June, followed by a mission to Chile, which is planned for November.