SPI is participating in various projects under the European Life Long Learning programme

06 July 2012

SPI is currently involved in various European projects. In June we would like to highlight its participation in three European Life Long Learning projects: IN PATH, JAKIN II and ECON-IT 2. 

The IN PATH project –Smart routes for better inclusion, is a 2 year Lifelong learning initiative, funded through the sub-programme Grundtvig of the European Commission. This project, coordinated by SPI, aims to break the pattern of transferring poverty and exclusion from one generation to the next, by empowering marginalised and disadvantaged citizens to easily manage everyday problems in different areas and not to be held back by their background. It also aims to change the perspectives and beliefs about the learning processes, by fostering the commitment with lifelong learning initiatives. 

Currently, the global needs analysis is being developed and will be available on the project’s website together with other project results. 

The JAKIN II project (www.jakin2.eu), is a Life Long Learning project co-funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programmes of the European Commission. Its aim is to develop a tool adapted to the needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), that will allow them to calculate the impact of training on their competitiveness and provide guidelines for future training programmes. The project partnership, is currently developing and testing a prototype of the tools for this project, which will end in September 2012. 

In this context, SPI will present the JAKIN II project at EDULEARN12 – The 4th Annual Conference on Education and New Technologies (http://iated.org/edulearn12). This conference will take place in Barcelona, from 2 – 4th July 2012. It is an international forum at which new innovations and results are presented in the area of Education technologies, E-learning and applied methods for Education and Research. The project was also presented at the 2012 Rome European Academic Conference, that took place from 6 – 8th June (www.cluteinstitute.com/conferences/2012RMconf.html). 

In May, SPI was the host for the second meeting ECON-IT 2 project (www.econ-it2.eu/en) partnership. This Life Long Learning project is supported by the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the European Commission and aims to contribute to developing the skills and competencies of professionals that advise companies and institutions (often known as consultants). An innovative training course will be developed that will be supported by an online interactive tool. Already the project has analysed the needs of this target group on which it will base the development of the course. Currently the partnership is adapting and developing the training content.