Societal engagement in food and health research

29 June 2012

The INPROFOOD project aims to foster the dialogue and mutual learning between industry, academia and civil society already in the earliest stages of the research processes directed towards developing innovative approaches (technical and social) for dealing with the food and health challenge.

The EU has identified food and health as key priorities to respond to the increase in obesity and diet-related chronic diseases amongst their population. Attempts to raise public awareness of appropriate ways to eat more healthily though do not seem to have led to significant changes in patterns of food purchase and consumption. Bringing together the scientific and civil society community is one of the key approaches to improve such food and health related problems. 

The INPROFOOD project, funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, aims to develop stakeholder engagement programs both at national and European levels and stimulate the adoption of concrete initiatives of societal engagement in food and health research by forming an action plan. For further information and to join the network, please visit the project website at