SPI is promoting a series of Workshops on Research, Development and Innovation Management (R&DI)

19 July 2012

In the context of the ACTOR project – Promoting the certification of TICE networked companies, SPI and Inova-Ria are promoting a series of workshops on management of R&DI with a view to obtaining certification in this area under the Portuguese standard NP 4457:2007. The two workshops, which took place at SPI’s premises aimed to raise awareness of participating companies regarding the importance of managing R&DI and to clarify operational aspects associated with the implementation of a R&DI management system. 

Workshop 1, which took place on 29th June on the theme “The importance of R&DI Management and the requirements of an R&DI Management System”, aimed to make participants aware of the importance of R&DI in company strategy. It also advised them about the main challenges that they can come across when they decide to formally organize R&DI activities. In addition to SPI’s specialised consultants in the area of R&DI Management, speakers from UATEC – Unit for the Transfer of Technology of the University of Aveiro, from Novabase and Declarativa also participated in this workshop. 

Workshop 2, took place on 10th July, on the theme “R&DI Management System Audits”, aimed to provide the participants with a better understanding of the R&DI Management System auditing process under the Portuguese standard NP 4457:2007. This workshop included participation from the CEO of LusAenor, one of the organizations accredited by IPAC to issue certification of R&DI Management Systems under the Portuguese standard NP 4457:2007. 

The ACTOR project is a core project of the Information and Communication Technology and Electronics Competitiveness cluster, TICE.PT (www.tice.pt). It is coordinated by Inova-Ria and implemented with support from SPI. Its main aim is to conduct support activities promoting capacity building and certification of individuals and companies from these sectors as well as competitiveness. 

You may click here to see some photos of the workshops. For further information consult the project website (in Portuguese): www.spi.pt/ACTOR