SPI supports the development of technology-based companies in Mozambique

10 August 2012

From 24 to 31 July, 2012, SPI's organized a mission to Mozambique in which the PALOP TECH MOZAMBIQUE project was presented to the Confederation of Business Associations of Mozambique (CTA). This project aims to study the major challenges faced by technology-based companies in Mozambique in order to facilitate their development. 

This Research and Development project will last 12 months and is part of a larger project, which will strengthen competitiveness of companies in accessing foreign markets. 

The companies that will participate in the project undertake to provide information and relevant documentation, as well as participate in meetings and interviews and fill out a questionnaire periodically. These companies will have several benefits, including access to a team of international consultants, to obtain an individual record of performance characterization, adapted to the latest international methodologies, comparison of data with other international companies, and even individual report recommendations. All technology-based Small and Medium-sized Businesses, based in Mozambique, which apply some kind of innovative technology in their activity and that have operated for over a year can participate in the project. 

The PALOP TECH MOZAMBIQUE Project is promoted by SPI with support from CTA, the most relevant local business association. For more information about the project you can contact SPI directly by sending an email to paloptech@spi.pt.