SPI inaugurates new facilities in Porto

19 October 2012

SPI has inaugurated on October 18th their new headquarters facilities, at Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa, n. º 1376, Porto. The opening was marked by a cocktail to various invitees, among them partners and clients of the company. This new building, completely projected and built for SPI, came to replace the previous offices located at Edifício Les Places, Rua Júlio Dinis. 

SPI, funded in Porto in 1997, has since undergone a steady and coherent growth, with the creation of various new companies and representative offices, not only in Portugal (Porto, Coimbra, Lisboa and Ponta Delgada), but also in USA (Washington D.C. and Irvine – California), in People’s Republic of China (Beijing and Macau), in Spain (Santiago de Compostela), and Brussels. The office in Porto is the headquarters of SPI, centre of its national and international operations, where all the administrative, financial and support services are concentrated.