SPI conducts an internationalisation mission to the Brazilian and Chilean market

05 November 2012

Between the 16th and 26th of October SPI has coordinated the international cooperation mission of Campus do Mar with Brazil and Chile. 

Campus do Mar is a network of academic and scientific cooperation between universities and research institutes in Spain (Galicia) and Portugal (the northern region of the country) on marine science and technology. Recognized as a Campus of International Excellence by the Spanish government, Campus do Mar has contracted SPI to design and implement an internationalization strategy to foster the exchange of students, lecturers and researchers between different universities and research institutes. 

To implement this strategy, SPI has identified four priority countries for Campus do Marís cooperative activities, namely Brazil, China, Mexico and Chile, having also identified key institutions in these countries in the field of marine science and technology. In May, June and July missions were carried out, to Brazil, China, and Mexico respectively, which were organized and coordinated by SPI.

On this last mission, the focus was the Chilean market. However, given the geographical proximity, SPI took this occasion to conduct additional contacts in Brazil. 

In this context, the General Director of Campus do Mar, Professor Emilio FernŠndez, accompanied by SPI consultants, visited S„o Paulo, Rio Grande, and Porto Alegre (Brazil), as well as in the cities of Santiago, Valdivia, Concepciůn, and Coquimbo (Chile). In these cities, the delegation met with various universities, research institutes and research funding agencies. 

The meetings allowed the definition of numerous joint initiatives, such as workshops and summer courses, as well as the establishment of concrete academic cooperation actions in the fields of mobility, teaching and research.