SPI in FP7 MASCOT expertsí meeting in Johannesburg

22 November 2012

Between the 29 and 31st October, SPI took part in the experts workshop and consortium meeting held in Johannesburg (South Africa) in the frame of MASCOT project (FP7): Multilateral Association for Studying health inequalities and enhancing north-south and south-south COoperaTion (www.mascotfp7.eu). 

The 3 day event hosted by the Wits Centre for Health Policy in Johannesburg started with a workshop, where more than 15 country experts presented and discussed their findings from the preliminary research conducted in African and Latin American countries and in Europe regarding research on maternal and child health and health inequalities. The last day was devoted to the consortium meeting, to debate the next steps of the project. 

MASCOT is an FP7 project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research. The main objective of the project is to stimulate the cooperation between countries from Africa, Latin America and Europe, in order to identify and implement adequate and efficient country-specific strategies for tackling health inequalities preferentially affecting children, adolescents and mothers. 

As a partner of the consortium, SPI is responsible for communication and dissemination activities, among others.