Workshop in Brussels within a 7th EU Framework Programme project coordinated by SPI

10 December 2012

The second event of the Innomatnet project, coordinated by SPI, will take place on the 11th of December 2012, at the Brussels Info Place (BIP). 

It will be a joint event with two other projects funded by the European Union: Ecolink+, a project focused on eco-innovation, and Rescatame, a project focused on sustainability. The conference will focus on concrete examples of today’s eco-technologies, services and processes (system-innovation), which are flagship initiatives for Europe green economy and society (city, materials research & innovation and enhanced collaboration) (

InnoMatNet is a project funded by the European Union with the overall goal of promoting collaboration, knowledge transfer, and the creation of new alliances between materials researchers, designers in industry, and others involved in innovation. InnoMatNet will facilitate Europe wide support mechanisms for the design, development and marketing of new processes and products using innovative and environmentally sustainable materials. 

For more information on the workshop or the project, visit the website or contact the project manager, Susana Figueiredo, at