SPI Organised Executive Study Tour to China

03 May 2013

During the week of April 22nd, SPI, with support from the European Business-Innovation-Center Network (EBN), organized an Executive Study Tour aiming to support European companies (mainly SMEs) and business/innovation leaders to explore opportunities for international cooperation with their Chinese counterparts. 

The Portuguese and Swedish participants of this Tour included managers from various private sectors (manufacturing, IPR and IT consulting fields, among others), and representatives from Science park and academic/research institutes. The main goal of the Executive Tour was to provide multiple channels for the participants to understand the economic environment, supporting business infrastructures, and current development situation of different industries in China. 

SPI strategically identified different science parks, leading enterprises and government agencies, such as Beijing Haidian Science Park; Lenovo China; Leili Agricultural Group; the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) and the EU SME Center in Beijing, among others, as the visit sites to facilitate the Tour. In particular, the group attended the Beijing International Technology Transfer Congress (ITTC) on April 25th and 26th, a well-known conference in the field of technology transfer and fostering international B2B cooperation. 

In addition to the baseline understanding on the various sectors and the situation of the economic and industrial development in China, the participants also have established potential cooperation opportunities with local business and innovation leaders. 

Through the fruitful completion of the Executive Tour, SPI has expanded its business networks in both the private and the public sectors in China as well as Europe.