SPI Azores and the Regional Government of Azores unify efforts for the promotion of entrepreneurial activity

16 April 2013

Following the support provided by SPI Azores to the Regional Government of the Azores, a public meeting took place on April 11th in Praia da Vitória (Terceira Island), to present the Strategic Plan for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship 2013-16. 

This event, focused on the presentation of guidelines and strategic initiatives for the Regional Government to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region in the period 2013-2016. It was attended by distinguished figures from the entrepreneurial and political context of the Autonomous Region of the Azores (RAA), including the vice president of the Regional Government of the Azores, Sérgio Ávila, and the Chairman of the Board of Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Empresarial dos Açores, Arnaldo Machado. 

In this context, Augusto Medina, President of the Board of SPI, presented a set of measures to create a favorable environment for entrepreneurship in the Azores. He also reported the main findings of the GEM 2012 Study for the Azores, also developed by SPI Azores, which aims to analyze the relationship between the level of entrepreneurship and the level of economic growth in a particular region or country. 

After all these initiatives were presented, Sérgio Ávila revealed that during this semester two of them will be maintained, namely "Empreende Azores", a training program for fostering entrepreneurship, related to the endogenous products of Azores, and "Crowdfunding Açores", a regional platform that will support the obtaining of funding for innovative ideas and projects, in conjunction with existent international platforms.