First Emminvest investor workshop successfully held

03 June 2013

The first Emminvest investor workshop was successfully held on 21 May 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria, at Balkan Venture Forum - the largest venture capital, private equity and investment forum in the Balkan region. More than 30 participants, including local and foreign investors as well as other relevant stakeholders, attended the workshop. 

One of the objectives of the Emminvest project is to improve access to finance and international networks for SMEs in the Mobile and Mobility Industries. An important part of the project relates to the definition and testing of pragmatic cross-border co-investment facilities with existing investment groups and funding sources and rolling these out to the benefit of companies and investors supported. 

A preliminary evaluation was conducted by Emminvest regarding different models for co-funding facilities and the need for other types of funding and/or strengthening of existing funding possibilities, including suggestions for further actions. 

The aim of the workshop was to gather investors and other relevant stakeholders to validate initial evaluation results of different models for cross-border funding facilities for Mobile & Mobility Industries in Europe including possible actors, and to collect inputs for the design of the funding facilities, including complementary benefits in relation to existing funding possibilities. 

Mr. William Stevens, CEO of Europe Unlimited, gave the opening speech and introduced the project as well as workshop background and objectives. Afterwards, Ms. Sofia Esteves, international consultant from SPI, gave a presentation on the main results of the study conducted by Emminvest after interviews with key investors/stakeholders throughout Europe, regarding the assessment of different models for a cross-border investment facility in mobile & mobility industries in Europe. 

The presentation was followed by two roundtable discussions on suggestions regarding further actions to strengthen existing funding possibilities and/or regarding the need for other types of funding, complementary benefits of the Emminvest funding facility in relation to existing funding possibilities, goals for the fund, mechanisms by which the fund can be implemented, and operational context including possible actors and their involvement and regulatory structures. Invited moderators included Ms. Julia Tanasic, Director of investment at netSTART Venture GmbH and Ms. Mirna Marovic, President of the Croatian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. 

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