Collab4Safety - SPI promotes collaboration among food safety stakeholders

09 July 2013

SPI has developed a global food safety stakeholder online database that aims to build a community contributing to a more sustainable international food safety cooperation. 

Experts have joined forces to address food safety challenges through the global integration of food safety research, training and policies. The initiative, called Collab4Safety ( is funded by the FP7 of the European Union.

SPI is a partner in this project, being responsible for dissemination to the global society. Among various communication and networking instruments, SPI has created a searchable database containing the profiles of food safety actors working world wide. The platform aims to build a community that can contribute to more sustainable international food safety cooperation at a long term. 

This database has over 1300 registries, already. The registration is free and takes 3 minutes. In order to search in the database, please register here: For more information, please contact Dora Fazekas at