SPI Developing Capacity in Strengthening EU-China Collaboration in ICT Research

28 November 2013

SPI has brought its ambition in EU-China research collaboration to a new territory - ICT. 

 SPI has recently been invited to be a speaker at the Final Conference of the OpenChina ICT project (Opening European Chinese Cooperation on ICT Research) to present the STI China project (Science, Technology and Innovation Performance of China) in Vilnius, Lithuania on Nov. 5th. 

The event was a platform for SPI and other participants to future trends and opportunities in EU-China ICT research cooperation. SPI is a partner in the CHOICE (Strengthening EU-China Collaboration in ICT Research) project, the successor of the OpenChina ICT project and will provide continuity and progress in supporting the EU-China Collaboration on ICT research, focusing on research and industry collaboration. 

To further captivate the trend in EU-China collaboration, SPI participated in the ICT 2013 event, the biggest event launched by the European Commission, DG Connect focusing on ICT in H2020 and networking opportunities.