SPI promotes seminar under the framework of the PALOPTECH project

11 June 2014

On May 27th, SPI presented the research and development project “PALOP TECH” at SANJOTEC - Business and Technology Center, in São João da Madeira.
SPI presented the main activities developed in the framework of the project as well as the results achieved, in particular the methodology and tools developed to assess the performance of technology based companies in the PALOP, as well as the collaborative platform that will soon be available at www.paloptech.net. Eng. Mário Rui Santos, from Wavecom, a Portuguese IT company active in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, shared the company’s experience in those markets. Prof. Borges Gouveia, from the University of Aveiro, closed the session, discussing the opportunities and barriers faced by Portuguese companies wishing to operate in those markets, and pointed out the relevance of initiatives such as PALOP TECH, that promote links between Portuguese companies and those established in the PALOP.
The event gathered over twenty participants, amongst them companies, business associations, clusters and university teachers and students.
PALOP TECH is co-funded under the QREN Incentives System (project number 22934).
For further information about the seminar or the project itself, please contact the SPI team using the following e-mail address: paloptech@spi.pt