SPI participated in WHO workshop – The voice of citizens in food, nutrition and health research innovation

11 June 2014

As part of the INPROFOOD project, SPI has recently participated in a workshop organized by the European delegation of the World Health Organization that gathered around 70 participants to discuss increasing public engagement in research through a whole-of-society approach.
The event, held in Copenhagen on 26-27 May, consisted of plenary and break-out sessions, to allow in-depth discussions about the possibilities of broad stakeholder participation in research programming in food, nutrition and health, while keeping principles of transparency and mutual respect.
SPI has acted as facilitator by moderating break-out sessions of the event under the topics “Challenges related to stakeholder participation in food, nutrition and health research innovations: trust, transparency and how to avoid conflict of interest”, “Food and health research and stakeholder recruitment: who should be involved, when in the process and how?” and “Future Sustainable Food and Health topics, where are the research gaps?”. These break-out sessions allowed the exchange of knowledge between key stakeholders and served as a building-block for a mutual mobilization and learning action plan.
The INPROFOOD project, funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, aims to develop stakeholder engagement programs both at national and European levels and stimulate the adoption of concrete initiatives of societal engagement in food and health research by forming an action plan. The project took off on 1st of November 2011 with a consortium of 18 partners, including SPI.
For further information on the project, please visit the project website at www.inprofood.eu or contact the project coordinator (Klaus Hadwiger, klaus.hadwiger@uni-hohenheim.de) or the Portuguese national contacts (Daniela Coutinho, danielacoutinho@spi.pt; Rachel Newton, rachelnewton@spi.pt).