SPI participates in European project STAYIN aimed to prevent early school drop-out

29 September 2014

A common challenge for the educational systems in Europe is the prevention of early school drop-out. Recognizing the intervention in these contexts as a priority, this European project expands the results of two previous international initiatives: School Inclusion and CESSIT (coordinated by SPI).
The main objective of the STAYIN project is to reinforce the competences of teachers and trainers in vocational training and education regarding the identification of potential risk factors of early school drop-out and the prevention and resolution of this situation.
The final beneficiaries of this project are students who abandoned school earlier than the legal age or before receiving the minimum legal qualification established in their countries.
The STAYIN project started in November 2013 and has a duration of 2 years. Funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Lifelong learning programme Leonardo da Vinci Innovation Transfer, it is coordinated by the Austrian organization Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH, and involves 7 partners of 7 different European countries (including Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and Turkey).