Public Lecture in Singapore by SPI

07 May 2015


The public lecture titled “Innovation in Southeast Asia and the Role of the European Union” and based on the SEA-EU-NET2´s Report: Spotlight on Stimulation Innovation in South East Asia was held by SPI on the past 15 April 2015 at the Institute of South East Asian Studies in Singapore, in collaboration with the EU Centre (

During the presentation, SPI talked about the major key points highlighted in the report to emphasize on the current situation in ASEAN countries and the potential for improvement. SPI consequently pointed out successful European examples from which ASEAN countries could learn from.

Following the presentation, an active Q&A session with the proactive participation of the audience took place, ensuring a fruitful exchange of knowledge. The audience has been receptive of the report’s findings and several have expressed an interest to bring the discussion further after the event. The presentation and report are available here:

About SEA-EU-NET 2: It is the second European project (funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme) that has been set up to expand scientific, technologic and innovative collaboration between Europe and Southeast Asia (SEA), SPI being one of the partners. Website: