SPI participates in the IT4Energy/SMART CAMPUS Conference

04 May 2015

The IT4Energy/SMART CAMPUS Conference took place on the 27-28 April 2015 at the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, Portugal.Over the two days of the Conference, several topics related to energy efficiency were discussed, including European projects, business models and policy recommendations. Also discussed was the transformation of user behavior in order to improve the energy efficiency of the spaces users occupy.

The first day of the Conference started off with a welcome from Álvaro de Oliveira, President of Alfamicro, and included presentations from Markku Markkula (President of the Committee of Regions) on energy challenges for Europe, José Carlos Caldeira (President of Portugal’s National Innovation Agency) on the role of Horizon 2020 and Portugal 2020 and Paulo Ferrão (Director of the MIT Portugal Program) on energy efficiency. There was also a panel dedicated to policy recommendations composed of international experts including Anilton Salles Garcia (Brazil), Ming Zhao (EMCA, China) and Eric Foster-Moore (World Bank, USA), in addition to Pedro Sampaio Nunes (EUREKA Secretariat), Luís Mira Amaral (BIC Bank) and Augusto Medina (SPI), who moderated the panel. There were two additional panels on European projects focused on energy efficiency and energy best practices.

The second day was essentially dedicated to SMART CAMPUS, a European project of which SPI is a partner. SMART CAMPUS explored the use of information and communication technologies to increase user behavior change in order to promote energy efficiency in public buildings, namely university campuses. The project included the testing of technological solutions in four European universities: Helsinki (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences), Luleå (Luleå University of Technology), Lisbon (Instituto Superior Técnico) and Milan (Politecnico di Milano). In addition to the SMART CAMPUS project, there were presentations from Carmen Ifrim (European Commission) on the Commission’s vision for energy efficiency and Thomas Goldschmidt (ABB Research) who presented ideas on energy management from a technology perspective. Two panels were also held on themes connected to the SMART CAMPUS project, including user behavior transformation and innovative business models, the latter with a presentation by Douglas Thompson from SPI.  

The conference was also attended by experts, professionals and students linked to mechanics, electrical energy, information technologies and installation management, which contributed towards making the IT4Energ/SMART CAMPUS Conference a successful discussion forum with national and international impact.