The ERASMUS+ Chinese4Business project develops business support platforms for European and Chinese organizations

17 August 2015

C4B project is a result of the transfer of good practices, experiences and outcomes generated in the process of project Chinese for Europeans (C4EU) implementation in 2010-2013. The project was implemented under the Lifelong Learning Programme (action: KA2 Languages by partners from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Poland).

The project supports key European Union objectives of lifelong learning. First of all, supports the creation and use of Open Educational Resources and supports the professional development of employees using the methodology of ICT. C4B project also supports and encourages SMEs to build business relationships with Chinese entrepreneurs.

The project C4B develops four key outcomes: language course, guide - oriented on cultural and business diversity in China, business platform for B2B and SaaS system. These results are complementary to one another. The first is a collection of multimedia educational materials to enable SMEs representatives self-education in the field of Chinese business language. The second is a repository of materials presenting in a simple and intuitive way, how to effectively conduct business in China. The third one, is a platform for practical application of the knowledge focused on language and business issues. Finally, the fourth outcome is a system processing the above-mentioned products in "cloud".

Language course is prepared in line with the three methodologies: CLIL - for simultaneous learning of Chinese language and business issues; micro learning - to affect the way of selection (or " batching"), teaching materials; mobile learning to prepare the material, to make it possible for presentation on mobile devices.

The project is implementing by five companies and educational institutions from Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Italy. All organizations have extensive experience in creating language materials using modern ICT tools, as well as building business relationships between Europe and China.

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