Business Mission to Indonesia – 1st Global Economic Forum of CPLP in Timor

08 January 2016

Under the Business On the Way Project, in partnership with the CPLP Exporters Union and SPI - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, AEP - Business Association of Portugal will conduct a "Business Mission to Indonesia and 1st Global Economic Forum in Timor", which will take place on February 21st-27th, 2016, in Indonesia and Timor.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, benefiting from a cross-location between the Indian and Pacific oceans, which gives it great importance in geostrategic and economic terms. Its approximately 250 million inhabitants and its 17,000 islands, as well as illustrate the vast size of the country, give Indonesia a unique feature, making it an essential reference not only in Southeast Asia but also worldwide. It is also the 10th strongest economy in terms of domestic production.

The CPLP Exporters Union is the best platform for Portuguese-speaking countries, positioning itself as a major instrument for the internationalization of companies for the various continents.

The 1st Global Economic Forum CPLP, taking place between 26th - 28th February 2016, under the category "East Timor as a Platform for Development", included in the theme of CPLP and Globalization, seeks to enhance the strategic framework that East Timor is developing to be able to provide an attractive platform for investment and business in the country as an economic development mechanism, promote exports and further enhance trade between the CPLP, ASEAN and the Pacific.

There is an opportunity for 50% discount under Portugal 2020 and Compete 2020 for eligible companies. The deadline for registration is 15 January 2016. For more information and registration, kindly send email to or by phone: +351 229 981 779.

Please find the invitation here.