Publication of the handbooks of the CUBITUS project, aimed to foster the tourism industry by cooperating with universities specializing in tourism

28 March 2016

The handbooks of the CUBITUS European project, of which SPI is a partner, were published. The project results are documented in four handbooks, published in the national languages of each partner country:
•    “Handbook for Senior Tourism” - scientific background about the target group and practical examples as well as senior tourism best practice cases in Europe;
•    "UBCM - University-Business-Cooperation-Model” - curriculum and contents of the "CUBITUS-Coach" training programme for tourism advisors;
•    "Certification Matrix" – formal guidelines, with which the training programme/qualification as a CUBITUS coach is to be implemented so that the resulting certificate will be officially recognised;
•    “Green Paper” - evaluation of the project and recommendations to political decision makers.

The handbooks are partially available in hard copy as well as in digital form.
Also, the 3rd and 4th newsletters of the project were released.

The main objective of the CUBITUS project is to advise, consult and mentor tourism businesses in their orientation towards the growing market of tourism for seniors, combining the scientific resources and research capabilities of European universities with the practical experiences and competences of tourism-related businesses and institutions in Europe.
The CUBITUS project is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme – ERASMUS / Multilateral Projects, it is coordinated by the German organization FHM Schwerin - Baltic College, and involves 7 partners of 7 European countries (including Austria, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and United Kingdom).