BINGO Press Release #2 [February 2017]

01 February 2017


BINGO: How researchers and local actors co-develop solutions to adapt to climate change

BINGO: Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management - a better future under climate change (; 2015-2019) is a 48 month Horizon 2020 Climate Action project aimed at providing practical knowledge and tools to end users, water managers, decision and policy makers affected by climate change to enable them to better cope with climate projections, including those on droughts and floods. It focuses on six regions across Europe – in Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

BINGO completed 18 months of activity in January 2017. During this period, downscaled climate predictions for the near future were made available for the six research sites and the hydrologic-hydraulic modelling is now taking place. The risk analysis results will be published very soon, demonstrating the predicted impacts of extreme events in the water cycle and on water uses.
BINGO uses the “Community of Practice” (CoP) methodology to promote the interaction between different types of stakeholders: researchers, companies, water utilities, local governments and NGOs. The CoP methodology allows end users to contribute to a better understanding of the problems and characteristics of the research sites. Their contribution and engagement is crucial to reduce the uncertainty of climate predictions and develop solutions to adapt to the predicted impacts of climate change.

In BINGO, the CoP members have the opportunity to launch specific activities in their region. In this context, a set of workshops is planned throughout the project to foster the discussion and dynamic information exchange about the impacts of climate change and response strategies.
The first series of CoP workshops took place in January-March 2016 across Europe. The main goal was “setting the scene” and promoting dynamic interactions on climate risks between researchers and end users in each research site. The second round of workshops took place in September-October 2016 in the 6 research sites under the motto “Are we prepared?”. This second round of workshops focused on adaptation strategies considering the problems that the research sites are facing.

The outcomes from the workshops have been very important for the identification of challenges and the strategies required to face them. A major difficulty that has been identified is to move from already-existing theoretical solutions to the actual implementation of practical measures. Another identified challenge lies in incorporating new climate risks in existing policy frameworks on adaptation. Improved information/communication of the regional impacts of climate change is thought to help regions overcome these challenges and better prepare for the impacts of climate change. Participants also identified the need to strengthen the bottom-up initiatives on adaptation with more global strategies as a way to enhance synergies and prevent potential conflicts around water use.

The third series of workshops will take place in April this year, and CoP members will run an economic and social assessment of the adaptation measures that will take place in the coming years. Stay tuned!
The following 5 minutes animated video provides a brief explanation about the research undertaken and the results and solutions being provided to different actors:  Feel free to share it!


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The project BINGO has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement number 641739.


BINGO Workshop in Badalona, Spain