SPI promotes a survey on service demand for the European Centres of Research and Innovation in Brazil, China and the United States

12 April 2017


The European Union is funding the establishment of three European Research and Innovation Centres (and Network of Centres) through the Horizon 2020 Programme in Brazil (CEBRABIC), in China (ERICENA) and in the United States (NearUS).

These Centres will provide a comprehensive and diverse range of services to support and facilitate collaboration in the areas of research, innovation and business for their customers including European research and technology organisations, universities, funding organizations, national and regional authorities, research infrastructures and networks, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Currently these Centres are in an initial stage of their implementation, focused on understanding the demand and support needs of their potential customers (mainly Europeans), through the implementation of a survey.

The results and conclusions of this market research will enable the definition of a customized service portfolio for the three Centres, more in line with the real priorities and interests of their potential customers.

All answers will be treated in respect to confidentiality rules of the European Commission. Only aggregated results of the survey will be disclosed, which cannot be traced back to individual entries.

Please click here to access the survey portal.