SPI participated in session on cooperation with Brazil in Research and Innovation during the EARMA Conference

08 May 2017


From April 24th to 26th, SPI participated in the Annual Conference of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA Conference).
EARMA acts as an interface between research funding organisations and the scientific community, seeking to minimize the effects of cultural and legal differences between countries and between the academia and industry in terms of research and innovation projects funding, contributing to policy consultations and facilitating management of research projects.
Among the different activities that SPI representative attended at EARMA Conference, is the moderation of the session of INCOBRA project, coordinated by SPI.
The INCOBRA session aimed to present the Brazilian framework of research and innovation as well as the mechanisms and cooperation schemes available at bilateral and multilateral levels to increase joint actions between Brazil and Europe.
Representatives of the Brazilian innovation agency (FINEP), the Austrian research promotion agency (FFG) and the European Network of Business Innovation Centres (EBN) were the speakers of the session.
They presented challenges and opportunities for EU-Brazil cooperation, making some considerations on how to improve it for the mutual benefit of Brazilian and European research and innovation actors.