Study on ‘Public support measures for connected and automated driving’ published

11 July 2017


The study on ‘Public support measures for connected and automated driving’, developed for the European Commission by SPI (project leader), VTT and ECORYS has been published. The report is provided under a Framework Contract managed by WIFO.
The study explores and analyses the existing and planned public support and regulatory measures put in place within the EU and by Europe's main competitors (the USA, China, Japan and South Korea). It provides a policy-gap analysis of the EU compared to its main competitors, and identifies existing financial, technological and regulatory barriers. The study also analyses the existence of a global level playing field and the effectiveness of EU measures to support the development of connected and automated driving.

Based on the performed analysis, the study presents a set of key findings and a number of recommendations to support the competitive development and future deployment of connected and automated driving in Europe. It is set to be a key input in ensuring the maximum European impact of this important sector.
The study can be accessed here