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BIC Africa Unveils Webinar Series on Diaspora Entrepreneurship


BIC Africa Unveils Webinar Series on Diaspora Entrepreneurship

SPI, in collaboration with BIC Africa, announces the successful launch of the Diaspora Entrepreneurship Webinar Series, an initiative aimed at fostering economic growth and innovation. Implemented by Douglas Thompson and Amirtha Subramanian from SPI, the first introductory webinar “Opening Dialogue with Diaspora Entrepreneurs” took place on 18 April 2024.

The event entrepreneurs and Business Incubator representatives from Angola, Comoros, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Somalia and beyond. Guest speakers from the USA and Europe – Yonas Alemu (CEO and Founder of Lovegrass Ethiopia), João Boavida (CEO and Founder at Afrikanizam Art), and Samuel Demisse (Founder of Keffa Coffee), shared their success stories and engaged in discussions.

The webinar provided a valuable platform for learning, networking, and exchange of ideas, laying the foundation for future collaborations and initiatives. BIC Africa remains committed to strengthening diaspora engagement through meaningful partnerships and initiatives that drive economic growth and innovation.