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Equipping trainers with skills for agile and digital work


Equipping trainers with skills for agile and igital work


The Future Work project consortium consists of 6 di erent European countries which clearly identified the need to develop and implement measures to improve digital skills of trainers in their preparatory research surveys among their sta and other peer organisations. 

Tackling skills gaps in the form of forward-looking skills contributes to the improvement of quality in VET, leads to better trained learners and moreover ultimately to job creation; it helps increase companies’ competitiveness on global markets, improve people’s quality of life and generates sustainable economic growth. The overall scope of the project is to equip trainers with skills for agile work they can then implement in their work with young adults. Many teachers in formal education have passed-some or more time ago – their initial education qualification and have maybe nor even worked in other stings than education themselves. 

Future employees need to be prepared for these circumstances. At the same time, it is 

essential that trainers have the necessary skills to deliver digital competences to learnerseven in subject other than ICT. The European digital education plan has invented a self-reflection tool (SELFIE) to meet the challenges and opportunities of education in the digital age.