SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação



Innovation is a central element of the competitiveness of companies, cities, regions and countries, transversal to entities of public and private nature.

In fact, it is from the application of new knowledge to any reality, or the application of existing knowledge to a different reality, that the ability to solve societal challenges or to add value to economic activities is born. This simplified formulation of the concept of innovation requires, in its application, regardless of the activity sector, a broad knowledge of the respective processes and a demanding capacity to select and use the necessary competences, including the identification and involvement of strategic partners, whenever necessary.

This is the domain of this complex chain of variables that SPI offers its clients, the result of the knowledge and experience accumulated over more than 25 years of activity, during which time it has collaborated with a wide and diverse range of entities: from the corporate sector to the central and local public administration; from the scientific and technological system to international organisations – both in Portugal and abroad.

The ability to deal with the diversity of stakeholders and sectors of activity in which the company is involved, from agro-food to aerospace, is only possible thanks to the multiplicity of skills and the effectiveness of the human resources that make up the SPI team. It is these assets, capacity and knowledge management that allow SPI to ensure the efficient implementation of projects as diverse as the definition of innovation strategies and plans; the development of new products and processes, including internationalization; the creation of Research, Development and Innovation structures; the support of clustering processes; the preparation of applications to national and community public funds; or, still, the definition of territorial or socio-economic development strategies, with an impact on the quality of life of citizens and the economic activity of companies.

Being your partner for innovation has been SPI’s history and commitment for 25 years. It continues and will continue to be so!