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SARASWATI 2.0 Project Meeting in Delft Drives Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solutions


SARASWATI 2.0 Project Meeting in Delft Drives Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We are excited to shine a spotlight on the impactful SARASWATI 2.0 meeting held in Delft, Netherlands, from May 30th to June 1st. This significant gathering brought together experts and stakeholders from Europe and India to advance sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for India.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Ralph (TUDelft) and Markus (BOKU) for their outstanding work in organizing this pivotal meeting. Their unwavering dedication and expertise have played a vital role in driving the progress of SARASWATI 2.0. SPI, in collaboration with BOKU, MNIT, and IIT Kharagpur, assumes the pivotal role of leading partner responsible for dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities. Represented by Andre Almeida, PhD, and Ana Fernandes, SPI actively participated in the meeting and provided comprehensive updates on the project’s current status. They also outlined the future work plan, addressing the strategic steps to be taken. Their presence and contributions ensured effective coordination and direction for the project.

The meeting focused on comprehensive monitoring and performance assessment of the piloted technologies conducted in India by the local partners. These technologies aim to provide affordable and effective decentralized wastewater treatment options. 

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the project partners who actively participated in the meeting and made valuable contributions. The meeting was enriched by the presentations showcasing the results from the pilot sites’ experiments, as well as the insightful suggestions and guidance provided by the attendees. A special mention goes to our Indian partners for their significant involvement. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Ralph and Markus for their exceptional efforts in organizing the SARASWATI 2.0 meeting held in Delft. The expertise and dedication of the consortium have propelled the advancement of sustainable wastewater treatment practices.

We are privileged to be a valuable part of the team, actively contributing to the SARASWATI 2.0 project and fostering stronger collaboration between the European Union and India. Our utmost dedication is directed towards achieving even greater success in the development and widespread adoption of the project’s exceptional water treatment technologies. Together, we aim to make a significant impact in advancing water treatment solutions for the benefit of all.