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SNAW – Say No to Ageism in the Workplace

SNAW - Say No to Ageism in the Workplace


The rise of longevity and the low birth & death rates in Europe contribute to a greater population of older people: a vulnerable group to age-based discrimination at work. The now greater socio-economic participation of older adults must contribute to their empowerment rather than bringing the negative effects of ageism on their health, rights and productivity. In this context, SNAW will design an online course to promote awareness of ageism in the workplace, effectively addressing this issue.

The SNAW online course will include definitions of ageism, how it manifests, its effects, and how to tackle it. A digital platform will host the course, which will then be piloted before its official launch, remaining available after the end of the project. It is envisaged that the online course will reach a wide range of organisations in Europe, promoting awareness of ageism at work and empowering older adults via their feedback on the curriculum and participation in media content creation. 

The SNAW Online Course will target 150+ employers and employees of all ages across various organisational sectors, such as enterprise, NGO, educational, civil and/or public at European level. The design of the course will include research conducted in each partner’s national context with 150+ survey participants. Besides partner feedback, 6+ volunteer experts (aged 55+) will review the online course curriculum, and 6–12 adults (aged 55+) will co-create the media content for the online course.