SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação

SPI at ENRICH in LAC’s Innovation Tour


SPI at ENRICH in LAC’s Innovation Tour

SPI, a consortium member of ENRICH in LAC, participated in the week-long Innovation Tour in Brazil from September 25th to 29th. SPI, was represented by Consultants Igor Lopes and Ivan Sá Vieira, and actively participated in all activities, including the “Internationalisation Session for SMEs” contributing to the tour’s success. The tour aimed to promote international collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange within the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region.

The journey kickstarted with a visit to the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) in Campinas, a hub of cutting-edge research contributing to science, technology, and innovation on a national level. CNPEM’s groundbreaking work, including the development of the Synchrotron X-ray catalyst, emphasized its commitment to fostering innovation. The group had the opportunity to visit Sirius, Brazil´s new Synchrotron Light Source, and an open infrastructure available, not only to the Brazilian, but also to the international scientific and innovation community.

Followed, on the same day, by Braskem a BioTech company that stands out through its innovative practices, particularly their conversion of sugar cane into eco-friendly polyethylene and the Sustainea initiative, which aims to establish three industrial plants for sustainable production.

On the second day SPI visited Natura, known for its environmental inclusiveness, open innovation strategies and sustainable manufacturing practices, which underscore the importance of extensive research and carbon-neutral operations.

SPI organised an Internationalisation Session to Brazil for SMEs with ILM Group and FCR Law, offering valuable insights into entering the Brazilian market. Afterwards SPI partook on an Innovation Talk and Roundtable on the future of green hydrogen, promoted by ANPEI and RCSID.

During the 27th and the 28th of September, SPI took the opportunity to network and get to know the innovation ecosystem in Brazil, at the International Industry Innovation Summit arranged by CNI and SEBRAE. Several Start-ups, research centres, industry giants and entrepreneurs were present at this event.

The Innovation Tour culminated with a visit to Embraer, a premier commercial aircraft firm, showcasing its innovation commitment. Their Innovation Index demonstrates the link between rapid innovation and revenue growth. Embracing a collaborative ecosystem, they focus on key areas such as zero emissions, autonomous flight, AI, and sustainable aviation solutions.