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SPI attends Aquatech Fair 2023 in Amsterdam


SPI attends Aquatech Fair 2023 in Amsterdam

In a notable presence at the Aquatech 2023 Fair in Amsterdam, SPI showcased the Intellectual Property Southeast Asia (IP SEA) Helpdesk from November 6th to 9th. Ricardo Oliveira from SPI delivered insights to exhibitors on the services provided by the European Commission to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. The discussion covered crucial topics such as understanding and managing intellectual property in Southeast Asia.

Aquatech, renowned for organizing premier global fairs in water technology, hosts events in the Netherlands, Mexico, and China. As the most comprehensive platform for professionals in the field, Aquatech offers updates, perspectives, and analyses on processes related to drinking and wastewater. SPI, representing the SEA IP Helpdesk, used this influential platform to underscore the significance of intellectual property for European individuals and SMEs venturing into Southeast Asian markets.

Emphasizing their commitment, SPI seized the opportunity at Aquatech to engage with water technology experts, raising awareness about the importance of intellectual property in investments and business expansion in Southeast Asia. The event served as a prime occasion to disseminate information about the IP SEA Helpdesk service and strengthen connections within the water technology community.