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SPI held a successful mission to Singapore to promote EYE Global programme

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SPI held a successful mission to Singapore to promote EYE Global programme

SPI has recently completed a successful mission to Singapore as part of the EYE Global program from May 2nd to May 6th, in collaboration with the consortium leader, EBN. During the trip, Andre Almeida and Jiawei Wang from SPI, along with Livia Marcantonio and Joanna Abi Abdallah representing EBN, held bilateral meetings with various organizations, universities, and individuals in Singapore. The primary objective was to introduce the EYE Global program and attract more host entrepreneurs to participate.

The EYE Global program, which is supported by the European Commission, provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain international experience by working with a host entrepreneur in another country. Through the program, participants can develop their skills, gain new perspectives, and build valuable networks across borders.

During the mission, SPI had the chance to engage with key players in the Singaporean entrepreneurship ecosystem, including representatives from Coventry University, Nanyang Technology University, Temasek Polytechnology, Entreprise Singapore, Singapore Business Federation, EU delegation, Portuguese Embassy in Singapore among others. The meetings provided an opportunity to showcase the benefits of the EYE Global program and encourage more entrepreneurs to participate.

“We are delighted with the positive response we received during our mission to Singapore,” said Andre Almeida, International Consultant at SPI. “The meetings were extremely productive, and we are confident that we will see an increase in host entrepreneurs from Singapore in the upcoming cycles of the EYE Global program.”

The mission to Singapore is part of EYE Global’s ongoing efforts to support entrepreneurship and international collaboration. With the EYE Global program, the European Commission aims to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and make a positive impact in the global community.