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SPI present at the BIC Africa Ethiopia Boot Camp


SPI present at the BIC Africa Ethiopia Boot Camp

Douglas Thompson and Susana Seabra participated in the BIC Africa Ethiopia Boot Camp, held on the 19th and 20th of Sep 2023 in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. 

The boot camp was organized by the BIC Africa, with the support of the BIC Ethiopia team and facilitated by experts from the EU|BIC community – Douglas Thompson from SPI, Arnaud Catinot from ESTIA, and Axel Wion from VVA.

This national boot camp focused on the theme of mentorship and mentoring startups, a key topic for business incubators in Ethiopia, with the main aim of producing a collaborative and innovative “Guidebook on how to mentor startups” tailored to the local ecosystem, which will be shared with Business Incubators (Bis) in Ethiopia as a reference and living document.

BIC Africa brought together a range of participants for the boot camp. They had the opportunity to reconnect, engage in open discussions and teamwork, and exchange knowledge and experience among themselves as well as with the expert facilitators, the BIC Africa and BIC Ethiopia project team members. 

Further, Susana Seabra from SPI implemented a Peer Review of a growing Ethiopian incubator during the same week.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants for their commitment and for sharing their innovative ideas, and to the organisation for making this event possible.