SPI presents ENRICH in Africa (EiA) at Eureka Meets the Atlantic Event in Cape Town, South Africa

The Eureka (https://eurekaportugal2021-22.pt/about/) meets the Atlantic event took place on 21 and 22 February with live online streaming.This event promoted companies who are addressing global development priorities, which are of the highest importance for Eureka members and African countries a like. https://eurekaportugal2021-22.pt/eureka-meets-the-atlantic-02/

SPI, represented by Dr. Sara Medina, took part in a reflection of panel discussions, where it was possible to present the ENRICH in Africa (EiA) project.
Supported by EiA colleague Christophe Viarnaud, the ENRICH in Africa (EiA) project, funded by the European Commission’s H2020 programme and coordinated by Steinbeis 2i, was presented. EiA’s main goal is to provide capacity upgrading and support to incubators and accelerators across both Europe and Africa. As part of achieving the mentioned goal, an EiAcentre will be built and will act as a digital hub, whose primary aim is to support innovation and foster EU-Africa synergies.

Learn more about ENRICH in Africa (EiA) at: https://enrich-in-africa-project.eu/