SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação at Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre – CCCM’s “International Relations, Geopolitics and Economy” April 18th Panel

The Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre (https://www.cccm.gov.pt/en/) is a public institute within the internal administration of the Portuguese state. The centre’s mission is to produce, promote and disseminate knowledge about Macau as a platform between Portugal and the People’s Republic of China.

CCCM is hosting a conference (from April 18th to April 23rd) regarding Asia with multiple panels.


SPI, through Dr. Sara Medina, had the great honor of participating in the “International Relations, Geopolitics and Economy” panel. Dr. Sara’s Intervention focused on the “IPR Southeast Asia | Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia” thematic.

It was a great opportunity to share knowledge and discuss many important topics about Asia.

Thanks to the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre for making this event a reality.