SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação

SPI’s Attendance in SPARCS Extended Executive Board meeting on 20-21 March 2024 


SPI’s Attendance in SPARCS Extended Executive Board meeting on 20-21 March 2024

The SPARCS consortium conducted a two-day meeting hosted by Municipality of Maia on March 20 and 21, 2024 in Portugal.

The event began with seminars related to “Innovation & Development for Cities,” part of the HORIZON EUROPE framework focusing on external experiences of different ongoing projects in Portugal and introducing SPARCS project to present local authorities and Portughese partners.

In the afternoon session, the “City Forum” event organized by SPI, concentrated on the roadmap for urban transformation processes with a panel discussion of Lighthouse and Fellow city experiences and insights and was followed by a site visit to Tecmaia and Sobreiro Social Housing District

Lastly, the second day cantered on updates and workshops across various Work Packages (WPs) and working sessions.