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The Final Review Meeting of the EU-LAC RESINFRA project was held on February 27th and 28th in Madrid, Spain, closing this amazing project.


The Final Review Meeting of the EU-LAC RESINFRA project was held on February 27th and 28th in Madrid, Spain, closing this amazing project.

On 27 and 28 February, the final meeting of the EU-LAC RESINFRA Project was held in the city of Madrid, Spain. The facilities of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, hosted the consortium, which presented the conclusions, results and delivered the final details of the sustainability plan, showcasing the actions taken for the future, perpetuating the incredible work carried out.

Pictures of the opening of the meeting at the Ministry of Science and Innovation in Madrid Spain.

The meeting began with welcoming remarks by Sabina Guaylupo, the project coordinator, who summarized the development of the project, the work, and also how the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic has had a profound impact on the initial plans proposed in this project, leading the team to reconfigure the tasks and their objectives proposed to be met despite the adversity. In addition, she acknowledged the great work carried out last year, mainly in the face-to-face events held both in Montevideo (General Meeting) and the Satellite event in Brno, Czech Republic, in addition to ICRI 2022, where part of the representatives of the consortium participated and shed light to the initiatives arising from EU-LAC RESINFRA.

The meeting continued with the presentation of the results of the work packages. The following part shows the outcomes of the WP4 and WP2, focusing on the International Visits, Landscape Report, staff exchanges, MOU signatures, and outreach events; these initiatives were fundamental to the project’s success. Layer on, the work on the WP6 (leader by SPI) was presented which showed positive numbers with respect to the impact on the public. The significance of carrying out work in different languages Spanish, English, and Portuguese were also highlighted as it proved to be even more effective and accessible to the public than the project expected. Finally, on the last day of the meeting, in addition to delivering the last results of the work teams, the analysis and presentation of the status of the sustainability plan opened the discussion for the suggestions of the members of the consortium.

Pictures of the second and last day of work in Madrid

The closing of the meeting held in Madrid was an emotional moment where all the members of the consortium were commemorated for their job well done. This was in recognition of how this project has positively impacted the development of research infrastructures. It also served as a bridge between Latin America and Europe.

Closing photo of the working days held in Madrid in the context of the final EU-LAC RESINFRA meeting.